Welcome to Costa Rica's premier off road tour company, Adventure Motorsports. There is no better way to explore Costa Rica than on your own 4X4 ATV. Join us as we ride off the tourist map and into the real Costa Rica. 

At Adventure Motorsports we design our tours around you. Although we have predetermined tours, with sufficient time to plan, we will gladly customize the entire itinerary around you or your group. We want you to experience Costa Rica up close and personal, exploring the natural beauty in a way very few will have the opportunity to.

Uvita is chosen as our headquarters for many reasons, most notably are the unspoiled jungles and beaches of the Southern Zone of Costa Rica. The diversity of landscape ranges from pristine beaches to mountain trails just minutes apart. Uvita ranges in altitude from sea level to a quick ride up to 3000 feet where the air is cool and crisp.


You may ask "Why Costa Rica?" Located in Central America, about nine degrees north of the equator, with Nicaragua to the North and Panama to the South, Costa Rica is an off-roader’s paradise. Diversity always comes to mind when talking or thinking about this country and it's people. They are friendly and enthusiastic and welcome you into their country with open arms. The old roads, having been replaced by newer more modern roads have been abandoned by motorists and reduced to horse and cattle trails leaving us with excellent ATV trails leading to almost anywhere in the country. Costa Rica is simply an unbelievable opportunity to experience rain forests, volcanoes, beaches, and cloud forests in a relatively compact country, about the size of West Virginia.

Adventure Motorsports designs its tours for riders with or without off-road skills and abilities. We place the highest priority on giving each rider the most up to date, reliable and safest equipment possible.